​The Ultimate Holiday Gift Is Time

According to Google, there are over 121 million hits on the phrase – “holiday gift guide.” But, if you are like me – you depend on them for that “aha” inspiration to find that one and only perfect gift.

So, we’ve got some competition here. But seriously, the holidays are a time of joy and for many of us the joy comes with inspired giving of our time, talent, and treasure.

We are now in November and it’s not too early to begin the festivities. We’re here to take some of the pressure off - with our own version of the “ultimate holiday gift guide.”

“A gift-be it a present, a kind word or a job done with care and love- explains itself”

-Alice Childress, Like One Of The Family

Timeless giving begins with giving your time

I’m big on the gift of time and talent during the holidays. The traditions in my home have roots in Scottish heritage with a little adaption to the more temperate weather in Southern California. Our holidays are always filled with extended family dinners, cookie baskets for friends, and helping those in need with food and toy drives, working in shelters, or just helping an elderly neighbor do some shopping or decorating.

As to talent, Ayr Skin Care was born from my passion for sharing my formulations for non-toxic, natural skin care to all my friends and family, especially as holiday gifts from my heart. From their inspiration and appreciation, a company was born.

So, I’d like to encourage you to write down how you plan to give a little more of that precious commodity – time – to those around you during the holidays. You’ll find it makes the season brighter for everyone – including yourself. Some ideas are:

  • Contacting someone to actually get together as you always promise
  • Bringing a meal to a friend or neighbor who may be alone this holiday season
  • Driving past rather than through a mega coffee house to patronize an Indy store
  • Sponsoring a family’s holiday through a local charity or your own church

The list is endless but you get the idea.

Relieving the pressure of finding the “perfect gift”

And, since we are here to “take some pressure off,” I’d like to encourage you to take some time right now to strike some of the gift receivers off your list. Here are some ideas culled from our wonderful and beautiful line of products.

For moms and fabulous friends, a gift basket of ultimate pampering can be assembled with our best-in-class Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum, the ultra-hydration of Pure Moisture, and Reveal, our gentle exfoliating face wash. Add a candle and some sweet nibbles and your thoughtfulness will be on full display.

For stocking stuffers, we have beautiful and elegant travel sized luxury soaps - no wrapping needed. (And “psst,” we’ve got a once-a-year special to make giving even easier)

And, who could resist the gift of a whole-body spa-like experience with our pure, ethically sourced Marula Oil? A gift – not only for your loved ones – but for entire communities in Africa who owe their financial security to harvesting this ancient “miracle oil.” Fair trade is always a “win” for everyone.

Check out all our holiday specials with free shipping to ease your way through the holidays. Gift cards are also available on the site too!

So, the holidays are up and running and we encourage you to enjoy the season with abandon. Take a moment for gratitude, a bit of self pampering, and remember that no gift is perfect but any gift given with thoughtful consideration is always appreciated.

Happy holiday season!

Kirsten, xx

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