​Tips to Care for Your Winter Skin

Now that the temperature is dropping, it’s the time to really amp up your skincare routine for winter. Whether it’s the dryness of indoor heaters cranked all the way up or the harsh cold temperatures and wind outdoors, winter can really wreak havoc on your skin.

Did you know that even if you don’t normally consider yourself to have sensitive skin, that during the cold winter months, even “normal” skin can react like it’s sensitive? If your skin becomes itchy, dry, flaky, or chapped, here are some winter skincare tips for you to consider.

Exfoliate Every Other Day

You hear over and over again that the key to your skin making the most of your beauty products is exfoliation. During the cold months, the most important winter skincare tip is to add a gentle exfoliator with fruit acids, like the Reveal Exfoliating facial foam wash, to your weekly regimen.

The key to using this gentle exfoliating foam is to massage the foam in for two minutes. This gives the fruit acids time to gently release the dead skin from your face. With the dead skin cells gone, your face is ready for moisturizing!

Deeply Moisturize

Another important winter skincare tip is to make sure that your moisturizer is designed for sensitive skin, and that it is filled with ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid performs two critical steps in your skincare routine — it acts as a powerful humectant and it’s been linked to increased collagen production. With Hyaluronic acid in your skincare products, you get moisture where your skin needs it most.

Pure Moisture, one of our favorite moisturizers for dry skin in winter, has been specially designed for your dry, sensitive skin. Make sure you apply your moisturizer twice a day, after washing, and preferably to damp skin. If you feel you need something additional, you can take two drops of marula oil and work it into your skin as well, particularly in those areas that are dry or flaky.

Overall Body Care

During the winter, it’s not just your face that needs our winter skincare tips — every area of the body needs special attention. If you can, wear gloves when washing dishes, and if you are in a profession where you wash your hands continually, choose a cleanser or bar soap that is non-drying, like the Dead Sea Body Bar. Products that have extra glycerin and rich oils help you care for your sensitive skin.

For Your Hands

The Tranquility hand cream, which is rich and thick like a body butter, is a fantastic cream to keep on your bedside table, or to rub into your cuticles and hands while you’re watching TV. Consider taking some in a smaller container with you in your purse, so that you can reapply it during the day, after washing your hands. Having an occlusive layer to protect hands is an important winter skincare tip to keep in mind.

In the Shower

Showering in warm, but not hot water, is also a good tip for keeping your skin protected. After showering, you have about 2-3 minutes in which to lock in the water and keep the moisture close to your skin. Have your moisturizer or body oil ready to put on immediately after towel drying, and don’t forget your ankles and heels, which can become cracked during winter months.

Use Products for Winter

Not all products are designed to hold up to winter weather, but Ayr Skin Care’s Tranquility Dry Body Oil was specifically designed to be used in colder months. Unlike body butters, which can take a long time to dry, this body oil dries in about a minute, allowing you to rub it into your skin, and get out of the cold air and into your clothes quickly.

During the wintertime, many people have bouts of depression too, and the essential oils in our body oil have long been used to help lift moods with their relaxing scent. Discover the soothing scents of neroli, lavender and sandalwood.

Skin Care with Ayr

Using quality skin care products is our top winter skincare tip. Don’t buy any old moisturizer and expect it to perform as well as tailored skincare products! At Ayr Skin Care, our line was specially designed for sensitive skin and dry skin in winter. Explore our collection and find life changing skincare today!

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.