Using Cucumber For Puffy Eyes

My Mother used to insist that sticking slices of cucumber on my eyes would reduce puffiness. I remember scoffing at this as a teenager. Cucumber skin care? Ha! Finally, though, I tried it when she wasn’t watching. If she was right, I didn’t want her to know! Sure enough, it turned out the ol’ gal knew what she was talking about.

Maybe your mother or grandmother told you the same thing, and, like I once did, you’ve wondered whether it’s myth or fact? Well, read on to learn more about the many benefits of cucumber for puffy eyes.

Vegetable or Fruit?

Let’s clear this up once and for all: They’re both!

From a scientific standpoint, cucumbers are technically fruits, because they contain seeds and that’s the definition of a fruit. They belong to a group of fruits that grow on vines, like melons, watermelons, and tomatoes, and they fall into the “cucurbitaceae” family in scientific classification. They are distantly related to other flowering fruits like squash, pumpkin, and gourds.

But in terms of practical use, we use them mainly like vegetables: in salads, savory dishes, and to bulk up a dish without making it too heavy. They do have a sweet undertone, especially if you get one that’s nice and ripe, but the lack the dominant sweetness that we typically associate with fruits. They’re very mellow, much more like a vegetable.

A Healthy, Tasty Treat

Whichever way you like to think about them, cucumbers are not only crisp and refreshing, but some new studies are actually showing that eating cucumbers regularly might be helpful with early brain health, and they are being studied for helping the health of the area of the brain that ties to Alzheimer’s and depression. Who would have thought it? A cucumber a day may keep the blues away!

The Benefits of Cucumber Skin Care

As my mother said, using cucumbers for puffy eyes really does help. Here’s why: Cucumbers contain vitamins like C, K, B5 and A. They are loaded with caffeic acid, which helps reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eye area. It has shown benefits with inflamed or irritated skin, and has a cooling effect on sunburns.

But there’s a lot more that the humble cucumber brings to the table:

Vitamin Power

Vitamin C is very popular in skin care because of its use as an antioxidant, helping fight free radicals in the skin. Vitamin K has been associated with helping reduce the appearance of dark circles.

And then there’s vitamin A, which is retinol in its most natural state. Look on any anti-aging shelf in the store and you will be sure to see products with retinol in them. Strong retinol in skin care can be a problem if you have sensitive skin, but nothing is more gentle than cucumber! It contains just a light amount of retinol, and, mixed with the hydration of the water content in a cucumber, it helps to plump up the skin, reducing the chance of developing wrinkles.

This is why the sight of people using cucumbers for puffy eyes is so classic: It’s a home remedy that’s both effective and naturally gentle. Times may change, but cucumber skin care is a charming little remedy that has always worked, and always will.

Silica to Fight Wrinkles and Irritation

Cucumber also contains silica, which has also been used in skin care for helping fight wrinkles. Historically, cucumbers were also used for skin lightening, much like lemons. Cucumber naturally lightens skin with regular use, and has been used over the years by ladies to calm the skin, reduce irritation, and gently help fade freckles.

A Versatile Ally in Good Living

After far too long fighting my mother’s advice that cucumbers for puffy eyes really works, I became a great fan. And not just around the eyes: I used cucumbers as slices when I was meditating, I crushed them up and added them to smoothies, and I made face masks with crushed cucumbers, honey, and coconut milk (or yogurt). Try it! You’ll like it.

And here’s a little piece of trivia: Like with many fruits and vegetables, much of the health value of cucumber is in the skins. So, if you’re willing to leave them unpeeled, or at least partially unpeeled, they’ll do you even more good! Just be sure to give them a good brush scrubbing under the faucet to take off that grocer’s wax.

Why We Formulate with Cucumber Extract

Ayr Skin Care’s Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum has many powerful ingredients in it, and one of them is cucumber. Rather than adding cucumber juice, we use a concentrated cucumber fruit extract, which channels the caffeic acid into the eye area to help cool and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. This is a little bit more convenient of a way of applying cucumber for puffy eyes.

When we sleep, our body retains water, and depending upon the position in which you sleep, you may wake up with creased, puffy, blotchy or discolored skin. In our Awaken eye serum, when we combine the other ingredients like peptides, caffeine, green tea, and all of the other extracts, we create a wonderful, invigorating serum that naturally works to really wake up and rejuvenate the eye area.

Awaken: From the Humble Idea of Cucumber Skin Care to an Anti-Aging Powerhouse

Mom was right, and extract of cucumbers for puffy eyes is just one of the many anti-aging secrets of Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum. Together with its many other active ingredients, Awaken is a powerhouse of skin health and nourishment.

Treat yourself to Awaken; you will be glad that you did! Naturally hydrating, packed with antioxidants and peptides and vitamins, it is your new best friend for the morning. I use it morning and night, and my eyes are very happy that I do!

Visit our page to learn more about all of the ingredients in Awaken. There are too many to list here. And enjoy adding cucumber to your homemade facial mask, your meditation routine, a relaxing afternoon by the pool, in a smoothie or salad, and certainly around your eyes in the morning!

Bye for now!

Kirsten xx

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