The Benefits of Vitamin B5 for Skin Care

You may have heard of B vitamins. They’re common in energy drinks to give a boost of natural energy. But did you know that Vitamin B5 can energize your skin too? There are three main benefits of Vitamin B5 for skin care: hydration, blemish reduction, and smoothing.

What Is Vitamin B5?

Often, Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) shows up on skin care labels as "panthenol", a name you might recognize, as it is a popular ingredient for hair products. It is one of eight types of B vitamins. These vitamins transform fat and carbohydrates into energy for the body.

You can find trace amounts of Vitamin B5 in a wide range of foods. Eating a varied diet is enough to get your daily source of B5, and you can also boost your intake with supplements. However, the best way to take advantage of Vitamin B5’s benefits is by using it directly in your skin care. Choose skin care products that use Vitamin B5 as an ingredient to feel the full benefits of this powerful vitamin.

Who Should Use Vitamin B5 for Skin Care?

Vitamin B5 is safe to use for all skin types, but it may be especially helpful for those with sensitive, dry, or acne-prone skin. Due to its natural properties, Vitamin B5 hydrates and soothes dry skin and may even work to reduce blemishes.

Exploring Vitamin B5’s Benefits

Restore night cream and Pure Moisture face cream with icicles and moss

1. Hydration

Vitamin B5 is a natural humectant, which means it creates a barrier on your skin. This barrier traps moisture in and promotes hydrated, plump skin.

Some of our favorite products for hydration are our Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream and our Restore Replenishing Night Cream. When paired together, these products keep your skin moisturized and fully hydrated all through the day and night, utilizing a rich blend of natural, cruelty-free ingredients. Add them to your daily regimen to experience the deeply hydrating benefits of Vitamin B5 for the skin.

2. Blemish Reduction

Studies have found that Vitamin B5 has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that may help soothe acne-prone skin.

The best way to use Vitamin B5 for blemish reduction is by incorporating a vitamin-rich face wash, like our Reveal Gentle Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash, into your normal cleansing skin care routine. We recommend using this product twice a week to avoid over-exfoliating and irritating sensitive skin.

Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum being used in front of pine needles

3. Smoothing

Vitamin B5 is an emollient, which means it makes skin soft and supple. When your skin is dry, it forms tiny cracks on the surface. Emollients fill these cracks with fatty lipids to create a smooth surface.

Our eyes and under-eyes are especially prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Experience the benefits of Vitamin B5 by using our Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum to soften and smooth the delicate skin in this area.

Choose a Skin Care Routine Rich in Vitamin B5

With all of these wonderful benefits, it’s clear that Vitamin B5 can be a valuable part of your skin care arsenal. As part of a nourishing blend of ingredients, this incredible B vitamin works to keep your skin hydrated, clear, and oh-so-smooth.

Ready to start using Vitamin B5 for your skin? Explore our collection of vegan, cruelty-free skin care products for all skin types, or connect with us to learn more about how B vitamins work to enhance the look and feel of your skin.

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