Welcome to Innovative Skin Care With Zero Compromise

What does zero compromise mean in luxury skin care?

We’re Not Like Everyone Else

When most cosmetic chemists create a cream for a skin care company, they are under strict budgets and accountability to their owners or board of directors. They are told that they have X amount of money to create something that the public will perceive as silky smooth, easy to apply, and will make the customer want to buy it again. What this creates is a compromise in quality to allow the public to get an inexpensive formula, with the cheapest ingredients possible, lots of silicone to give the product a smooth texture, and a low cost so that they buy it again.

That super luxurious, fancy-scented lotion is what we all expect to find in our local drugstore shelf for $20, but did you know that even the largest companies that retail for $100 or more are working with similar formulas? These products cost more because the companies spend more on marketing and packaging, but the ingredients are still made from cheap ingredients like silicone and petrochemical ingredients, all designed to leave a soft finish, even if they will unfortunately also cause havoc with the health of the skin in the long run.

Secrets of the Luxury Skin Care World

Do you ever feel like all companies are the same? You might be right!

Most skin care companies don’t make their own products. The majority of companies buy their bulk creams from massive production companies that specialize in contract manufacturing. Why do so many creams look the same and have the same ingredient list? Because they come from the same factory!

A manufacturer can create an anti-aging cream and sell it to several companies, covering it with their unique packaging, but inside it is the same cream. That is what makes it so difficult as a consumer to know what the ingredients are and what makes the skin companies different from each other. Often times whether they are expensive or inexpensive, it is the same exact cream. You see, in many cases, the contract manufacturer owns the formula. They can sell it to anyone. So, the next time you try a cream and feel that it is identical to something else you have used before, you may be right!

Luxury Skin Care—Made by Us and Only Us

Our small, family-owned business does everything in-house. We take pride in creating the very best innovative skin care products that we can make. That’s it. Like we discussed earlier, we have no board to answer to and no budget dictating our every move. We create some of the best quality skin products in the world because we refuse to compromise.

Our promise to you is four-fold:

  • We make everything ourselves in our own lab. Sounds simple, but it makes all the difference. It all happens here in our own Southern California facility—from the very first idea to creating the formula to testing with consumers to making it fresh every day, packaging it, and mailing each new product. This simple, but tried and true, approach ensures quality and loving care from beginning to end. Our family takes great pride in making the best products and paying attention to every detail.
  • We only use the highest quality ingredients. We source luxury ingredients from countries all over the world, and we pride ourselves in using fair trade and organic ingredients whenever possible. Even after our prices have been set, we will substitute out an ingredient to be organic if it becomes available. The ingredients we source can get very expensive, and we take pride in that! Silicone and mineral oils found in your typical “luxury brand” are cheap. In our devoted efforts to becoming the #1 luxury, organic skin care brand, we sometimes spend more on one ingredient in our intricate formulas than a competitor might spend on their entire formula. All that said, we promise you no compromise in our products because of those costs.
  • High Concentrations of Active Ingredients. Our formulas are results driven. Most companies will buy an ingredient and use it at the lowest concentration to save money. It looks good on the label but doesn’t have enough in the product to make a difference. Ayr Skin Care uses high concentrations of quality ingredients to visibly see and feel results. You may find yourself needing less of our products per use than other brands because we don’t use fillers. A little goes a long way. Honest quality, honest labels.
  • You will never again have to choose between healthy products and luxury skin care. Everyone loves the lush feel of silicone fillers that big luxury brands use, but they are not healthy for your skin. We combine the very best ingredients like fermented bamboo and organic oils to create the soft, silky feel that high-end luxury skin care creams have, but without compromise to your skin’s well being.

At Ayr, we take the time we need in the lab we built ourselves to create the highest quality, luxury organic skin care available. We strive to be innovative, with our recent push to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and we are so excited for wherever our journey takes us next in luxury organic skin care. And, we make it easy for you to upgrade your skin care routine, step-by-step. Enjoy free ground shipping on your next order of $49 or more and get in touch with us if you need help on how to be nicer to your skin with luxurious—and healthy—ingredients!

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.