What Is Body Polish? New Winter Mint Body Polishing Scrub

Everyone deserves a special time for pampering and renewal, and we’ve got the perfect at-home spa experience waiting for you in a single jar!

We are proud and delighted to introduce Ayr Skin Care’s newest  body product, Winter Mint Body Polish, the answer to your dry winter skin problems. Read on to learn about our exciting new sugar body scrub and how it can make a difference to your skin.

What is body polish?

A scrub, or body polish, is a spa treatment which exfoliates the dead skin on your body, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth. Some body scrubs made with just salt or sugar and oils will have an oily or gritty appearance, but a body polishing scrub will be more refined in appearance. What does body polish do for you? It turns to a creamy polish when applied to wet skin in a bath or shower, leaving your skin moisturized and silky soft. A body polish can improve the health of your skin and become a part of your at-home self care and spa ritual.

Is your skin showing signs of dehydration? Is it feeling skin tight, rough, dry, or itchy? Does it look dull? Most of us experience dull, itchy or dry skin, especially on our legs, heels and elbows, but for many of us, the dry and cold fall and winter weather makes the problem much worse.

Say goodbye to dry skin! Our creamy body polishing scrub features the perfect blend of Fair Trade butters, organic oils and extracts, in our all-vegan formula.

The health benefits of an at-home body scrub or polish

Like the skin cells on your face, the cells on your body regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. Exfoliating once or twice a week helps the cell turnover rate, which may slow as we age.

What does body polish do for your skin? As you massage the polish over your body, it mixes with the damp skin from the shower, creating a creamy polish. As it gently exfoliates your skin, it boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes of toxins.

As with your facial skin, body skin will absorb any moisturizers or oils that you put on after your shower, much better on fresh, clean skin that is free of dead cells.

Turn Your Shower into Aromatherapy

Peppermint is an uplifting aromatherapy for the mind, creating positive feelings. We use pure peppermint essential oil, with no synthetic colors or perfumes added. Along with citrus, peppermint essential oil is considered one of the best essential oils for uplifting depressed feelings, and it may be of benefit as a boost to your spirit.

Staying fully present, breathing in the aromatherapy, and feeling the gentle polish, can be a mindful experience. A body polish with aromatherapeutic mint is what will help you start the day in a calm mental space. Reinvigorate your senses and uplift your mood while providing your skin much needed love with a body polishing scrub.

What are the benefits of mallow for skin?

Photo of a single malva sylvestri flower in bloom

Mallow, or malva sylvestri, is what we’ve added to our body polish for deep, hydrating benefits. It is a common wildflower that has tremendous health benefits. Mallow has been used for centuries for soothing skin. It is full of antioxidants and polysaccharides (plant sugars) which naturally smooth and hydrate the cells of our skin. Mallow is used, along with chamomile extract. Both of these are wonderful extracts which support healthy skin, especially sensitive skin, or skin that needs extra TLC.

Awaken also includes a mixture of powerful peptides to work hand in hand with the antioxidants, to brighten the eye, reduce inflammation and puffiness, and “wake up the eyes” without irritation. Peptides, in conjunction with anti-aging algae, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and the antioxidants help new wrinkles from taking hold, keeping the skin supple and hydrated.

Fair Trade and Organic Oils to Nourish and Protect

Image of Fair Trade butters for skin care in small bowls on a board surrounded by large seeds

At Ayr Skin Care, only the finest organic oils are chosen to moisturize and help protect your skin. For optimal skin-nourishment in our body polishing scrub, we use Fair Trade shea and cocoa butters–ethically sourced from small villages in Africa, where the purchase of these traditional butters help children go to school. We combine them with organic sweet almond oil, rice bran oils and olive oil in a beautifully-balanced blend of vitamins, antimicrobials, and concentrated fatty acids to quickly absorb, feed the skin, and help promote elasticity and balance sebum and oil production. Butters like Fair Trade shea and cocoa are what elevates our body polish to a truly indulgent experience. You are left with soft, moisturized skin that feels like you just walked out of a spa!

The Gentle Boost Your Winter Skin Needs

Ayr Skin Care never uses perfumes or synthetic colors. Our Winter Mint Body Polish is no exception. What scent you do enjoy from using it is only from the natural peppermint essential oil, in a creamy polish that takes its color only from the natural ingredients and oils. Ayr Skin Care is also cruelty free and vegan – always.

After many months of formulating, testing, and perfecting, Ayr Skin Care is proud to present this unique body polish. It makes the perfect gift for the holidays. For extra pampering, pair it with our  Dead Sea Spa Body bar, or our Tranquility Hand Cream. Your hands, and your body, will thank you this winter!

We are so pleased to bring a unique plant-based polish, handcrafted in small batches here in Southern California with love. Try our  Winter Mint Body Polish, and discover what body polish can do for you!

If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

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If you have any questions or comments, we would be happy to answer you personally! Please contact us at info@ayrskincare.com.