What is Indie Beauty?

About Indie Beauty Brands

Last week, beauty lovers from all over Southern California and the rest of the country flocked to the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles. As head of our marketing efforts, I attended this year to immerse myself in the community and chat with other brands.

What is Indie Beauty? At its most basic level, indie beauty brands and retailers are independently owned and operated, meaning that there is no large corporate funding involved and the business owner started it up with their own funds.

Does this mean that all independently owned businesses are indie? Not necessarily. Beyond that textbook definition, it is much more of a culture, lifestyle, community, and mindset.

Indie beauty brands have a passion and personal touch to their products. There is a focus on high quality, sustainability, and connection with the community. Being an indie beauty brand or a good natural skin care brand is sometimes a difficult venture - there is more risk involved at the beginning because there is no corporate financial safety net, and, unless the company founders are already well established in the larger beauty community, there is an extremely steep learning curve in breaking into the market. It can feel a little like the wild west at times.

Because of these challenges, passion and enthusiasm are a must for good natural skin care and beauty brands to be successful. I believe this energy carries through to every aspect of these businesses as a strong work ethic and push to keep improving and learning. At Ayr Skin Care, we show our passion through the quality of our products, our efforts to continuously look for better, ethically sourced ingredients, and the care we show our customers.

The Indie Beauty Expo

Attending the Indie Beauty Expo was extremely exciting because it was our first time really immersing in a larger scale event with other indie beauty brands like us! It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of that amazing community built by the brands and the influencers and customers who love them.

One thing that really stood out to me at the event was that the push towards cleaner and healthier beauty is becoming a huge movement even within the Indie Beauty community. It was inspiring to see so many other brands making the push to create more thoughtful, conscious products and hearing so many attendees asking about ingredient listings and actively seeking out non-toxic products.

It is so important to us to continue supporting this unique segment of the beauty industry - whether that means supporting other local businesses in Southern California or future collaborations with Indie companies across the country!

Want to check out the Indie Beauty Expo for yourself? Although the Los Angeles event is over for 2018, it will be popping up again in Dallas, New York, and London throughout the year. Check out their website for more information on attending!

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