​Which is Better? Eye Serum vs. Eye Cream

There are so many products for the delicate skin around the eye. And it is easy to become confused. Do you need an eye cream? Do you need a serum? Do you need both an eye serum and an eye cream? I’ve done the research and am ready to demystify the properties of both by describing the key differences - to reveal which one is truly better - and why.

What Is An Eye Serum?

An eye serum is generally developed to sink deeper into the skin and to penetrate new and forming skin cells. What makes them the best for the delicate eye area are the blends of high-performance ingredients. Applying serum is like taking a vitamin… you won’t see the results immediately, but over a period of time you will see amazing results. Serum as a beauty product is a relatively new idea in the beauty industry and were introduced as a concentrated “treatment” to target unique problems like dark circles or puffiness.

Why The Right Eye Serum Beats the Benefits of Just About Any Eye Cream

Eye creams are designed to do little more than just moisturize. They may have active ingredients that might reduce puffiness or tighten the skin, but they just can’t beat the concentration of ingredients and vitamins that are found in eye serum.

Remember too, that both eye serums and eye creams may contain “fillers” like dimethicone or other silicones, retinoids, and plastics. These temporarily fill in some of the space created by wrinkles. However, this “quick fix” may actually cause drier skin over time. Long term use of these is hotly debated, but we know they should be avoided if you have sensitive skin.

Yes, you need different face and eye products

It is also important to know that eye products are not interchangeable with products for the rest of your face. Because the skin around the eyes is thinner, eye products need to be tested for the eye area. Facial moisturizers contain ingredients that may be designed to lift or tighten, but they will not be designed for discoloration, puffiness or wrinkles in the same way as an eye serum will be.

Key ingredients in Serums are like “vitamins” for your eyes

To reduce puffiness and dark circles - caffeine, cucumber, green tea, peptides, pomegranate

To plump the skin and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles – Hyaluronic acid, probiotics, peptides, algae , vitamins (like K, C, or B, panthenol (B5)

To moisturize dry, flaky under eye skin – natural oils, (like jojoba), algae, glycerin

The Best Way to Use An Eye Serum (or if you insist, an eye cream)

Gentle application is required to apply to the thinnest skin on our face. With a dropper or a pump – which is the better choice for freshness – apply a small amount to one finger. It is important to keep eye products half an inch away from the actual eye. Natural oils around the eye move products closer to your eyes as a kind of “creep zone” which may sting your eyes.

Gently apply under the eye area, in a half circle, finishing up on the side where lines appear. Eye serum may also be applied above the eyebrow, and even in to the frown lines between your eyes. Less product is better, and it should absorb within a minute or so.

Eye Serums Put The Care of Your Eyes Front And Center

The delicate eye area shows signs of aging first. Treating the eye area when you are in your 30’s helps prevent excessive signs of aging when you are older. Every delightful facial expression shows on the face, but the eyes are the most expressive. But it is never too late to start. Over time and use new cells will rise to the surface, and will be healthier and younger looking based upon the ingredients that “feed” cells. The ingredients in serums also improve blood circulation by giving blood vessels more oxygen. The permeability of the eye area allows the thinner consistency of serums to sink in easily and deeply.

What’s The Best Serum For Your Skin? 

As a general guideline, choose a good quality eye serum to help prevent future signs of aging around the eyes. If you look at your eye serum ingredients, and see some moisturizing oils listed, your eye serum may be moisturizing enough to skip additional products such as an eye cream. And Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum has been blended with very best ingredients – Hyaluronic acid, cucumber, green tea, peptides, pomegranate, and caffeine- in an all-in-one eye treatment and moisturizer. The ingredients perform like vitamins for the skin. Like its name, Awaken “wakes up” the delicate area around your “window to your soul” – your healthy and beautiful eyes.

I hope this has given you a sense of how to choose the right skin care. Taking care of your skin is an important part of self care, along with a good night’s sleep, a diet rich in vegetables and nutrients, limited alcohol, caffeine, and sugar – and above all hydrate from within with water.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

Bye for now!

Kirsten, xx

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