What is Eye Serum and How Do You Apply It Properly?

When we were doing product test groups, one thing that surprised me was the number of people who were not currently using an eye serum. In fact, when handed the eye serum to try, most testers had no idea where to put it! If you are in the same boat, you are not alone. Let’s take the mystery out of eye serum once and for all!

Serums in a skin care line up are there to feed the skin. They are ligher than creams, and are designed to target things like fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Some are designed also to hydrate or firm the delicate skin around the eyes. I know when I began using eye serum, I noticed a huge difference in the skin in my eye area. Before, I couldn’t use any makeup at all under my eyes. Ever had that happen? You have these dark circles, and then you can’t cover them up because your skin is either dehydrated, or in my case, actually flaking off. It wasn’t pretty.

Enter Awaken! Our eye serum is jam packed with results driven ingredients. Since using it, I have been able to wear makeup again, and feel that my eyes are alert looking, refreshed and hydrated.

So how do you use an eye serum? Ours works with less than a pump of product, split between both eyes, so about 2-3 grains of rice. Dab your two index fingers together so that you have product for each eye, and dab in a semi circle under the eye, directly on the bone. You never want to bring eye products closer to your eye than about a half of an inch. There is a “creep zone” that moves products closer to your eyes. In the same way, you don’t want to put anything on your eye lids. The natural oils up there pull product down to your eyes, resulting in stinging eyes. Not fun. If you like, you can dab a bit on the side of the eye, and up above the eyebrow. Bam! Twice a day, for best results. And you will see results quickly my friend. This may be your new best buddy!

Bye for now!


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