Why We Make Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free Skin Care Products

We Love Animals: Our Commitment to Creating Cruelty Free Skincare Products.

At Ayr Skin Care, we are nuts about animals. Arguably one of the best examples of unconditional love and acceptance in this world is modeled by our furry friends. The animal world is full of wonderful instances of animals helping each other, and helping humans. Whether you travel across the world to watch gorillas, volunteer to help at an animal shelter, or just romp with your favorite pooch at home, time with animals shows you the depth of their emotions and their ability to love. We believe that animals teach us how to be better people. That’s why we’re committed to providing only cruelty free skin care products.

We Say “No” To Animal Testing

With all of that love, why would we ever want to hurt them? At Ayr Skin Care, we appreciate all animals, and make sure that we buy our vegan-friendly skin care ingredients from suppliers that are certified in creating ingredients with “no animal testing”. We do not test on animals, and even better, do not deal with any companies that do so.

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Beauty Without Bunnies

Ayr Skin Care is proud to be certified by PETA’s “ Beauty Without Bunnies” program, which is given to companies that do not test on animals, or use products/ingredients from companies that do so. It is even more in keeping with our ethos than Leaping Bunny, which is not vegan. Beauty Without Bunnies is not only cruelty free, but also supports vegan companies like ours.

A Big World of Cosmetic Ingredients

Another way we choose to create cruelty free skin care products is to make sure that the ingredients sourced, like sustainable palm oil, are harvested by companies that are also certified as not endangering animal habitat.

When working with vegan friendly skin care ingredients that can be sourced from animals or plants, we choose to use those that do not come at the expense of mistreating animals or killing animals. There have been instances of companies using squalene from shark livers, and that is unacceptable to us as a producer of cruelty free skincare products. Sharks are animals too! Did you know that not all squalene is created equal?

Most of the companies today in the cosmetic industry who use squalene have enough sense to use this ingredient  derived from vegetable sources, like olives. Squalene is a fantastic emollient, and is a natural lipid that makes up our skin. It is great for sensitive skin, and is used in the creation of skin care moisturizers because it creates a moisture barrier between our skin and the elements.

Saving money on cheap ingredients that harm wildlife is a definite “ no” for our company. We take pride in researching each ingredient that we use to make sure that we understand where it has come from, and how it has been manufactured/processed or harvested.

Bee pollinating a purple flower - Ayr Skin Care is 100% honey & beeswax free

What about honey and beeswax?

When we say we are vegan, we mean it. We use no animal products, byproducts or anything that we know may disrupt the animal from their normal lives. Our skin care line is 100% vegan friendly. There is controversy surrounding the use of beeswax and honey, saying that it does no harm to the animal, but we err on the side of caution. You’ll find zero beeswax or honey in our cruelty free skin care products.

We care about people, too! (Tabby, our resident pup, especially!)

Ayr Skin Care’s cruelty free skin care mascot, Tabby the dog

This blog is about animals, but we also want to remind you that we care about the people of this world too. This is why we try to get as many ingredients as we can  Fair Trade, and from areas of the world where child labor is not used. We use ethically sourced ingredients, which are far more costly, but allow us to sleep easy at night! Caring for animals, people, and you is what we love to do! Whether you have animals at home or not, we are sure you can relate to the animals, wild and tamed, around the world. Seeing their happy tails wagging, with bright eyes and warm hearts, is why we get up every day and choose to do the extra work to support ethical suppliers.

To learn more about our cruelty free skin care products or how you can do more to support the creation of products made with no animal testing, get in touch with us today and  explore our blog for more tips!

Bye for now!

Kirsten & Tabby (Our #1 Inspiration for Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Skin Care!)

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