Business Beat: Ayr Skin Care

By Allison Jarrell | Capo Dispatch | August 11, 2017

Ayr Skin Care—led by a local mother-daughter team—celebrated the launch of its new e-commerce site on July 18.

The non-toxic skin care line was founded by Kirsten Thomas, of San Juan Capistrano, and her daughter, Fiona Briggs, who lives with her family in Burbank. Briggs grew up in San Juan and graduated from San Clemente High School, class of 2006.

The online business offers high-end, anti-aging skin care products for sensitive skin. All products are free from toxic ingredients, synthetic colors and fragrances, and most major allergens. Ayr’s original line includes both facial and body skin care products, which are produced using fair trade and organic ingredients whenever possible.

The Ayr Skin Care website lists the benefits of each product, as well as a complete list of formula ingredients.

The launch of the site is a culmination of years of work for Thomas, the founder and president of the company. Thomas said the skin care line began as a personal mission.

“I found that certain things I was using on my skin weren’t working,” she said. “There are a lot of cheap oils, petroleum products, grains, dairy and soy (to name a few) in skin care lines. It became something I studied, took courses in, and eventually turned into a business, Ayr Skin Care, named after Ayr, the town my mother came from in Scotland.”

Briggs said she feels their products are unique because they fall in the middle of two worlds—natural skin care and effective anti-aging skin care.

“A lot of natural lines are free from harsh or toxic ingredients, and may moisturize, but they don’t do much to help rebuild damaged skin and deliver results,” Briggs said. “On the other hand, a lot of expensive, effective lines do get those results but are filled with a lot of fillers and ingredients that can cause reactions for people, like my mother, with sensitive skin or allergies. She has done years of research into taking the best of both worlds to develop this line, getting the benefits she was looking for in high-end beauty lines, while ensuring that the active ingredients are safe and gentle.”

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