Facial Oils & Why You Should Use Them

By Jane Shannon | April 5, 2018

Include Nourishing Oils In Your Skincare Routine

Do you sometimes wish your skin was brighter and healthier looking? Whatever your skin type is, you will benefit from the inclusion of oil in your skincare routine. Given the prevalence of dry skin is approximately 1 in 32 people in the USA (8.4 million people), it is time to take action by using oils in your skincare. Essential oils must be mixed with a carrier oil to achieve the right concentration, otherwise, oils which are already prepared at concentrations for facial use can be used. Many natural oils contain a variety of highly beneficial nutritious ingredients that can improve your skin and address certain skin conditions.

Super oils for super skin care

Oils don't contain artificial ingredients that most skin creams contain which are often full of chemicals and colorants. Therefore, oils can be a better and healthier option. There are many to choose from and there is definitely an oil for every skin type!

Grapeseed oil is an astringent oil and has anti-inflammatory properties so it is recommended for use on skin prone to breakouts and acne. Jojoba oil is also helpful for acne prone skin as it helps regulate sebum production. Coconut oil is great for mature skin as it prevents dryness and helps smooth wrinkles away. Chia seeds have been described as a superfood being highly nutrition for the body when included in the diet but chia oil is a superfood for skin when used as part of your skincare routine.

The magic of face oils

Face oils have a little magic on their side over face creams or lotions as their molecular size is much smaller which allows them to be absorbed deeper into the dermal layers. Molecular size varies among the different oils and the oils with larger molecules provide a protective layer on the skin helping to promote the skin’s own natural lipid barrier. Argan oil and jojoba oil are examples of oils with larger sized molecules and are great for protecting the surface of the skin.Coconut oil is an example of an oil with small molecules, making it perfect for penetrating the skin (or even the hair when used in hair products).

Applying the oils in your routine

Facial oils are generally used to complete the skin care routine following the other stages. Cleansing takes place first and other steps you may use, such as toner or serum, are next and prior to the oil. Oils are best applied to the face by gently patting the fingertips. They can be applied day or night with the heavier oils being better for night use, allowing extra time for absorption while you sleep.

Your glowing future with oils

Once you’ve started using oils you will want to include them every day. Being totally natural you will know you are avoiding the possibility of absorbing any chemicals. Furthermore, you will love the dewy effect on your skin and how healthy your skin looks. Make natural oils a part of your daily skincare routine for better skin and overall health.

Oil as non toxic skincare does not have to stop at the face, body oil is more moisturizing than lotion (and we LOVE it)!

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