Marula Oil

Benefits of Marula Oil

marula oilSclerocarya birrea, also known as the marula tree, is a fruit-bearing tree that’s indigenous to Africa. The fruit that grows on the marula tree is used for many purposes, across a wide range of industries. In the cosmetic industry, marula oil (which is extracted from the seeds and inner shell of the fruit) is revered for its all-natural rejuvenating properties. If you’re interested in adding marula oil products to your skin care regimen, learn more about the important benefits of marula oil from Ayr Skin Care.

Benefits of Marula Oil

One of the main benefits of marula oil is that it is rich in essential fatty acids — particularly omega 6 and omega 9. When used in your skin care regimen, marula oil has been known to deeply moisturize your skin, help your skin retain moisture, and improve your skin elasticity. Historically, marula oil has been used by local tribes to aid in moisture retention and smooth skin.

Another benefit of marula oil is that it has powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties, which have been shown to boost collagen production, increase skin firmness, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This light, moisturizing oil will help your skin look and feel great, whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin — and it can even be used to balance your skin’s natural oil production.

How to Use Marula Oil

Maula oil absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin, providing you with instant relief and a long-lasting layer of protection. Marula oil can be used on a fresh face, or in addition to your normal skincare routine. To apply, place 2-3 drops into the palm of your hand, wait for the oil to warm, and then press it gently onto damp skin. A drop or two of marula oil can also be used to manage frizzy hair, add luster to your locks, and soothe dehydrated cuticles.

Advantages of Marula Oil Products from Ayr Skin Care

At Ayr Skin Care, our virgin marula oil is organic, sustainable, and ethically sourced from South Africa through a Fair Trade Initiative that supports women entrepreneurs. Our marula oil is cold-pressed, free of pesticides, and never diluted with other oils. The only additive is a small amount of tocopherol (vitamin E), which is used to protect the quality of the product and maintain freshness.

At Ayr Skin Care, embrace the powerful benefits of marula oil with our fair trade, wild harvested Virgin Marula Oil for face and hair.

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