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By Seth Mendelson | October 16, 2019

Ayr Skin Care

Founded by Kirsten Thomas in a quest to create a product that would work for her sensitive skin, Ayr is run by her daughter, Fiona Briggs, with self-taught Thomas in the lab overseeing batch production.

The family-owned and -operated business’ most unique trait is its “patent-pending … technology, incorporating a blend of plant-based ingredients to create a silky texture for creams and serums,” said Briggs, who is vice president of marketing and operations.

Ayr consists of 12 items with a focus on facial care. The line, which launched in 2017, recently was repackaged with sleek teal and white containers, and is manufactured in its own facility in California. One of the most interesting items Ayr features is its new Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum, with a vegan formula that incorporates vitamins C, E and B5 to counteract the effects of diminishing sodium hyaluronate levels, along with a natural blend of probiotics, green tea, pomegranate and caffeine for antioxidants. It retails for $65.

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