Mini Dead Sea Spa Body Bar Mini Dead Sea Spa Body Bar Mini Dead Sea Spa Body Bar Mini Dead Sea Spa Body Bar

Mini Dead Sea Spa Body Bar


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Mini Soap Bars for Travel


  • 1.9 oz. / 54 grams

Skin Types

  • Normal
  • Sensitive
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination

With a rich blend of nutrients and essential minerals, our Dead Sea cleanser is the perfect choice to help your rehydrate and re moisturize your skin after a long day of travel! Designed to restore your skin’s natural pH balance, we’ve also put together the best blend of ingredients to remove toxins and restore glowing skin. Choose our mini soap bars for travel, stocking stuffers, or life on-the-go!


The Dead Sea is infamous for its healing properties and rich clay deposits, causing people from all around the world to visit its shores. We bring the Dead Sea to you with our Mini Dead Sea Spa Body Bar! We’ve infused actual clay from the mineral rich sea into our mini soap bars for over 21 essential minerals you can take with you every time you travel.

Non toxic and refreshing, every bar of body soap offers you a luxurious lather that’s perfect for all skin types — even the most sensitive! Each bar is handcrafted and every ingredient is nontoxic, so you can enjoy the world’s most refreshing and replenishing nutrients in every luxurious bar of soap. Each bar is unique and one of a kind. Individual colors and patterns may vary.


  • Can Remove Toxins & Dead Skin Cells
  • Can Rehydrate Your Skin & Improve Circulation
  • Can Increase Collagen Creation

Active Ingredients

  • We use Cambrian blue clay from the salt lakes of Siberia along with the Dead Sea clay to cleanse toxins from your skin.
  • For essential phytonutrients and better circulation, we’ve added white kaolin clay.
  • Shea butter was chosen for its rich lather and increased collagen production.
  • A unique blend of essential oils transports your mind to a more relaxed state.

Discover softer, healthier skin with the nutrient and mineral rich mini soap bars from Ayr Skin Care. Travel in comfort today!

How to Use

Once your skin is damp, create rich lather and massage the soap into your skin. You can use the Dead Sea cleanser on your entire body before rinsing away and patting your skin dry.

Store this soap bar on a soap dish or face cloth for better drainage.


water, olive oil, sustainable palm oil, organic coconut oil*, sodium hydroxide, rice bran oil, castor oil, organic shea butter*, stearic acid, dead sea clay, rosemary and geranium essential oils, titanium dioxide, cambrian blue clay, kaolin clay, indigo powder, activated charcoal

*Organic ingredients