Our Story

All great things begin when necessity is coupled with a good idea and fueled by passion.
The story behind Ayr (pronounced "air") Skin Care is no different.

Meeting a Deeply Personal Need

Because of lifelong skin sensitivity, Ayr Skin Care founder, Kirsten Thomas, found it imperative to seek out non-irritating and non-toxic products for her sensitive skin. Born in Southern California, she remembers, even as a child, her mother’s never ending quest to find anything that would not irritate Kirsten’s delicate skin.

At that time, there was not much available, so laborious processes of double rinsing clothes in the laundry to remove perfumes and treks to find rare ‘unscented products’ were part of her formative years.

As an adult, and long before the terms organic or hypoallergenic were used in product manufacturing and health food markets became upscale, Kirsten continued this ongoing quest, seeking out products that she could tolerate on her hypersensitive skin. But many, even those that were branded “natural,” still irritated her skin. Kirsten didn’t know that others suffered in silence as well.

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“I always thought that I was alone in my skin care problems, but it turned out that almost every other person that I talked with had someone in their family with similar challenges.”

A Search for Quality Solutions

Desperate for quality solutions, in 2001, partly through necessity and partly through her growing fascination with the creative potential to make healthy high quality products that suited her, she quietly started to research and develop her own products. She quickly became a confident artisan of the craft.

Lip balms, laundry detergents, lotions, and deodorants, as well as cleaning and personal skin care products, were painstakingly developed for her entire family. When formulating her products, Kirsten’s mantra always focused on what her skin needed and how she could meet that need.

The Tipping Point

Several years ago, Kirsten experienced a health issue that required research far beyond what went on her skin, and included what foods went into her body. Her findings led her to fully embrace a lifestyle of clean eating, focusing on organic vegetables, only wild or pasture sourced animal proteins and fish, little to no dairy, and the good fats found in avocado, coconut, and olive oils.

Due to her new Paleo-style diet, she lost weight, gained strength, and drove her lab numbers for cholesterol and sugar down to normal levels — avoiding the need for the medications her doctor thought necessary. Soon, her research and discoveries for eating cleaner began to be reflected into in her skin care regimen.


Formalizing Her Training

With renewed energy, Kirsten continued to develop her growing skin care line incorporating all the lessons a clean living lifestyle had taught and eliminating the processed oils, soy, gluten, and dairy found in many skin care products. Her passion for discovery led her to formalize her training to learn more than the basic chemistry or recipes for product development.

She learned about “natural” irritants, and best practice methods when using preservatives. She also developed insightful, useful, and actionable knowledge to create products that actually deliver on their promises.

A New Challenge

As Kirsten gained more experience, she saw a need beyond a skin care line just for herself and her family. She noticed others around her experiencing the very same issues that frustrated her so deeply in the past. Friends and colleagues were spending fortunes on products that were supposedly the best available, and seeing little to no results. Urged forward by the needs of those around her, Kirsten started sharing her products with everyone and soon garnered a very loyal following.

As I got older, I saw that I needed to go beyond the basics in my skin care line.  I was very aware that my own skin was getting drier as I got older, and it looked dehydrated, even though I drank plenty of water.  I also saw that my friends were spending a lot of money on their skin care with not so great results.  I know that I had spent a fortune on the supposedly best products available… with very disappointing results!  So, I worked with more anti-aging ingredients, seeking out the best solutions and I saw exciting results in the mirror.  My friends commented on the results too, and before long they were begging to try them.

I never intended for this to be a business.  My husband and I have owned and operated a successful contracting business for over 20 years and he thought I was a little crazy spending so much time and energy developing products but it was simply a passion and a calling for me.  It’s never been about money.  I just love helping the people that I care about have healthy, beautiful skin.

Developing these products to augment her new and healthy lifestyle was reflected in the high quality ingredients and product formulations. Always made in small artisan batches, Kirsten first gave away extra products to friends and family as gifts. She was stunned when many of her friends and family just wouldn’t or couldn’t wait for another birthday or holiday to replenish their supply. Soon, many began to purchase the products directly not only for themselves, but as gifts as well.

A New Company is Born

Through powerful products that deliver, and a small, loyal following that’s grown to encompass people far and wide, Ayr Skin Care was born. A line of luxury face and body products with a focus on anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits has launched Ayr Skin Care into the spotlight.

With eight products available at launch, and many more in development, this is just the beginning for Ayr Skin Care. We hope to bring you premium body and face care products that quickly become a staple in your skin care routine.

Paying Our Respects

Due to her dedication to Kirsten’s health throughout her childhood, the name Ayr is meant to honor her mother who was born in Scotland and immigrated to the US. The seaside port of Ayr, on the southwest coast of Scotland, is a beautiful town known for clean air and breathtaking windswept vistas.

“We hope you try each of our products and see how amazing your skin will feel. You will look forward to cleansing your face, and really taking care of your skin with clean, non-toxic products that will make your skin look and feel wonderful.”

Kirsten Thomas

Founder, Ayr Skin Care

*For those who are curious, the name Ayr is in honor of Kirsten’s mother who was born in Scotland and immigrated to the US.  The seaside port of Ayr, on the southwest coast is a beautiful town known for clean air, and breathtaking windswept vistas.

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