Our Story

What We Stand For



We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between luxury skincare and your health.

Traditionally, luxury skincare creams have leveraged petrochemicals and silicone to create a soft feel.  These potentially harmful fillers may feel great initially, but they can wreak havoc and damage skin health over time.  We have pioneered a unique silicone replacement technology, incorporating a blend of the finest plant based ingredients to create a silky texture without compromise to your health.  Each one of our complex formulas is results-driven, using high concentrations of premium ingredients to create innovative, effective products that deeply nourish the skin.  Browse our collection.




We believe there needs to be more transparency in the beauty industry.

Many people don’t realize that the majority of skin care on the market is mass produced with different brand labels on the same product formula, all created under the same roof.  All of our formulas are developed by us and produced in our private lab, for complete control over quality manufacturing of exclusive products you won’t find anywhere else.
We also believe you have a right to know exactly what is in the products you use without needing a chemistry degree to decipher the label.  With educational blog posts on the industry and ingredients, our goal is to lead by example with openness and honesty.  Have a question?  Reach out!  We’d love to help.




 We believe in sourcing the highest quality ingredients with compassion.

We source our ingredients from all over the world, and make finding fair trade, organic, and environmentally sustainable ingredients a priority.  We believe in compassion to all life, and are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and ethically sourced.  From ensuring that all of our vitamin E is completely soy free to taking the time to trace our fair trade ingredients back to the women’s co-ops that produce them, we ensure the products you love are crafted with care from beginning to end.  Visit Our Promise to You for a full listing of what we do and don’t use in our products.



Meet Our Founder - Kirsten Thomas


Because of lifelong skin sensitivity and allergies, I spent decades trying to seek out household products, laundry detergents, and products for my skin that didn’t cause irritation and flare-ups.  I always thought that I was alone in my skin care problems, but it turned out that almost every other person that I talked with had someone in their family with similar challenges.

 In 2001, I started to research and develop my own products - partly out of desperation and partly as a creative outlet.  I immediately fell in love with skincare formulation and set out to formalize my training.  I took classes with cosmetic chemists around the world, starting first with learning the science behind conventional luxury skincare and then spending countless hours reworking and playing with formulas, removing harmful or irritating ingredients and including healthier alternatives. 


 Our skin does not stay the same as we age… what used to work for me in my early 30's changed in my 40's, especially as I approached menopause.  My once oily skin was now looking dehydrated, even though I drank plenty of water.  I needed to incorporate more targeted ingredients in my routine as my skin got drier and older.  I knew that I needed to create something that solved this problem, was luxurious, and yet was as natural as possible.  With all of my allergies and sensitivities, I could not just go buy something off the shelf… no matter the cost.  When I spoke with friends, many were having similar problems as they aged.  My friends had also spent a fortune on the "best products" only to be disappointed.  The new products that I created were targeted towards supporting the health of aging skin, using gentle formulas to deliver powerful results.  I saw exciting progress in the mirror, and my friends were begging to try the products and coming back for more.  As a result, Ayr Skin Care was born.

Ayr Skin Care is a family owned and operated business.  My eldest daughter, Fiona, and I run the day to day operations together.  I’m in the lab most days, overseeing every batch of product that is created and developing new formulas. The funny thing is, I never intended for this to be a business.  It’s never been about money.  I just love creating products and knowing that I can help people feel beautiful in their own skin.




How We Got Our Name

My mother taught me unconditional love, and introduced me to healthy living.  She emigrated to the USA when she was 25 years old.  The name "Ayr Skin Care" is in honor of her, inspired by her birthplace in Scotland.  Ayr, is a beautiful seaside town on the southwest coast, and is always close to my heart.