Our Story


We believe in the spirit and lifestyle that embodies Southern California

A spirit that –

Revels in random run-ins with tide pools
Is not afraid to “go for it”
Kicks up the foam, the salt spray, and the sand on a receding tide
Communes with a soft breeze, the salt air, and the sunset- every day
Masters her destiny and follows her dreams

That spirit is in the Ayr Skin Care Woman -- strong – smart -- with a relaxed sensibility. She loves her age and doesn’t let it define her ambition -- or her beauty. She has few regrets on life’s journey and can’t wait for what’s around the next corner.

She never lets “weather permitting” stop her. She lives a healthy life and revels in the outdoors.

She’s picky about what goes into or onto her body. She’s kind to animals and never, ever says “So-Cal”. Her eyes exude a knowing sparkle like the sun dancing on the surf.

The Southern California spirit is in all of us and the Ayr Skin Care Woman embodies that spirit.
We know there’s a California woman in you too. We’ll help you find her.


Meet Our Founder - Kirsten Thomas


Because of lifelong skin sensitivity and allergies, I spent decades trying to seek out household products, laundry detergents, and products for my skin that didn’t cause irritation and flare-ups.  I always thought that I was alone in my skin care problems, but it turned out that almost every other person that I talked with had someone in their family with similar challenges.

 In 2001, I started to research and develop my own products.  I took classes with cosmetic chemists around the world, starting first with learning the science behind conventional luxury skincare and then spending countless hours reworking and playing with formulas, removing harmful or irritating ingredients and including healthier alternatives. 



Our skin does not stay the same as we age… what used to work for me in my early 30's changed in my 40's, especially as I approached menopause.  My once oily skin was now looking dehydrated, even though I drank plenty of water.  I needed to incorporate more targeted ingredients in my routine as my skin got drier and older.  The new products that I created were targeted towards supporting the health of aging skin, using gentle formulas to deliver powerful results.  I saw exciting progress in the mirror, and my friends were begging to try the products and coming back for more.  As a result, Ayr Skin Care was born.

Ayr Skin Care is a family owned and operated business.  My eldest daughter, Fiona, and I run the day to day operations together.  The funny thing is, I never intended for this to be a business.  It’s never been about money.  I just love creating products and knowing that I can help people feel beautiful in their own skin.






How We Got Our Name

My mother taught me unconditional love, and introduced me to healthy living.  She emigrated to the USA when she was 25 years old and immediately fell in love with the energy and positivity of Southern California. The name "Ayr Skin Care" is in honor of her youthful and adventurous spirit. Ayr, is a beautiful seaside town on the southwest coast of Scotland, her birthplace, and a town that is always close to my heart.