Practicing These 5 Self-Care Activities Creates Calm in a Crisis

By Deborah Sweeney | May 12, 2020

Sunset On Beach

Three years ago, Kirsten Thomas started her own skincare line. As she worked on building up the Ayr Skin Care brand, she began educating her children (then hitting middle and high school) from home. On top of everything else, Thomas also started cooking and writing a cookbook. Once her skincare line took off, Thomas discovered her time spent with her children, as well as the time used to plan meals, slowed to a slow stream. A few months ago, she wished there was a way she could rearrange her schedule to have more downtime at home.

The coronavirus hit shortly thereafter. Thomas stopped formulating in her lab. While the skincare business is still running online, the lab remains closed. Her family surrounds her at home and she is able to balance the lighter weight of work from home with the pleasurable time spent with loved ones.

“Returning to the thing that I value more than anything else in the world — my family — has been a blessing,” Thomas says.

For Thomas, the everyday contains so much natural beauty. “My daughter and I plan meals together, and she is doing more baking too,” Thomas says. “Our dogs are crazy happy to see us home!”

Whether you’re on your own or with loved ones, time spent in quarantine has become a time to learn new hobbies or embrace familiar self-care practices. If you’re seeking a bit of calm from the crisis, look into pursuing some of these self-care activities.

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