Soap Saver

Sustainable soap saver that helps keep your soaps fresh!

What It Does -  Say goodbye to mushy, soapy puddles in your soap tray and shower shelf. Get the most out of your handmade bar soap with a Soap Saver. This simple pad extends the life of your soap by lifting it out of your soap dish - it can also be used alone.

How it Works - Handmade soaps contain naturally occurring glycerin, which is wonderful for your skin, but also can cause soap to get more mushy than commercial bars. Allow your soap to dry evenly between uses with a soap saver.

How to Use  - Use with or without a soap dish. The pad can even be cut to fit with scissors. Place your soap on the pad, and prepare to be amazed! When you are ready to clean it, simply rinse it out in the sink, and allow it to dry, before replacing your soap.

Measures 4.5"x3.35"

*soap not included

Paraben Free
Gluten Free
No Synthetic Fragrance
Sustainable Developement
No Synthetic Colors
Zero Petroleum
Soya Free

Vegan Soap Saver

There’s no healthier way to cleanse your skin than handmade soap. Commercial soaps lack glycerin, a natural humectant that keeps our skin moisturized, but handmade soaps are rich in naturally occurring glycerin. The only down point is that in the wrong dish, you might end up with dissolving soap! Pamper your skin by adding this inexpensive problem solver: a soap saver! And extend the life and quality of your handmade soaps.

gift set including hand soap, hand cream, and soap saver
gift set with various soaps

Make Your Soaps Last

When your soap lasts longer, you produce less waste and save money. This simple white pad trims to fit any size soap dish or can be used on your shower shelf or simply alone on a counter.

Easy to maintain - rinses easily in the sink or shower.

BPA-Free, durable and long-lasting

This is a thoughtful hostess gift with a bar of soap. Or add it to a gift basket with our Winter Mint body polish, the Dead Sea Spa body bar, and a pad. Consider getting one for your kitchen and use it with our Clean Hands kitchen soap.

About Ayr Skin Care

We are results-driven and committed to effective, luxury skin care, without compromising on quality or our values. We create certified cruelty-free and vegan formulations without using harmful ingredients. Ingredients are carefully sourced to be organic, fair trade and are clinically proven.

Our purifying hand soap and all of our products are always free of gluten, soy, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, petroleum, phthalates, SLS, SLES, PEGs, TEA, DEA, synthetic dyes and perfumes. Shop cruelty-free moisturizers, hand soap, and more at Ayr Skin Care today!

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Soap Saver

Soap Saver

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