I am a big fan of the Ayr Skin Care products. The facial bar under eye serum and Tranquility hand cream are my favorites.

They smell wonderful, feel so great going on my skin and because they are free of harmful chemicals, I know I am feeding my skin with healthy products.

I particularly love the Calm facial bar and Reveal foaming facial wash. Besides smelling wonderful and feeling so light on my skin, they remove all makeup easily without me having to scrub my face. I just suds up the bar, apply and splash water, and my skin is squeaky clean. The same is true for the Dead Sea body bar. Then the final step is applying the hand and body crèmes. The fragrance and feel of the crèmes is wonderful – not oily or greasy but I feel that they are working all day long. Thank you for developing such a wonderful line of products.

Teray S.

There is no item from Ayr Skin Products that I will not try. I trust their product line 100% to use the best, most natural ingredients with the consumers health, beauty and well-being in mind. Since I have discovered Ayr, I will only use their products on my face, and I have had amazing results. No longer do I face blemishes from irritating facial washes or moisturizers, and my skin is softer and smoother than ever. That's something at the age of 50!

Karyn A.

Ayr Skin Care products are the top of the line! I especially love the body and facial bars, which are creamy and smell divine! I have given many of these to my friends and family and everyone agrees that they are the best on the market! I'm excited to try all of the new products coming out! Thank you.

Judee C.

I have been using these products for a number of years now, and see a real difference in my skin. I especially love the Calm facial bar. It's very gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft. I also love the serums and oils that I have used – very hydrating and soothing. Looking forward to trying more!

Patricia M.

All of these products are amazing! They are all high quality, natural ingredients, which allows me to actually use them! I'm normally allergic to everything and have very sensitive skin, but these products allow me to have soft, clear skin with absolutely no reaction or worries! I highly recommend trying these products. Kirsten is an absolute genius! Thank you for inventing a safe and useful line of quality skin care.

Bree B.

I am a 55 year old fair/medium skinned Caucasian woman of European, Irish and English descent. Over the past year I experienced major life changes including menopause, an expensive divorce, a career change, relocation to a new residence, and serious health issues. The latter required medications and surgical procedures. Each, independently, were stressful and draining physically and emotionally.

I am grateful that during this time I was introduced to Ayr Skin Care products.

We all feel good when we look good. In this regard, I've had more compliments on my appearance and thus felt more confident since using Ayr Skincare Products. We should feel great about ourselves all the time. We deserve to. But sometimes life sneaks up on us. We're aware that the most important time to nourish ourselves is during periods of grief, stress and when we are experiencing medical or hormonal issues. We also know that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. When I feel toxic, the last thing I wish to add to my body is more toxicity. It is difficult finding really effective products with ingredients that are made with quality essential oils and other natural ingredients. Ayr Skincare Products offers both advantages: A truly effective, sophisticated skincare line, offering exquisite products; and, Products containing high-end, authentic natural ingredients and fragrances.

Octavia T.

I love these products! They do a great job of softening my skin and are beautifully scented. Four stars out of Four!

Donna M.