The Best in Clean Skincare and Beauty

By Melissa Meyers | April 30, 2019

It’s the last day of Earth Month but let’s continue this important initiative and take care of our beautiful planet and ourselves!

Following the celebration of Earth Day and my previous post on Ethical Fashion, I wanted to write about the importance of incorporating clean skin care and beauty products as part of your daily regimen. Over the past year, I‘ve been making an effort to test safer products and incorporate them into my life. My allergies have improved, I feel mentally clearer and physically better, and I know what I am putting onto my body. I do not want to compromise on my health (and neither should you) which is why I am excited to share some of the best clean brands and products that I use and love.

I’ve been following companies that are investing in ‘clean beauty’ - products that are created and produced with ethically sourced, non-toxic ingredients—these are good for us and the planet. Not so long ago it was difficult to find clean cosmetics and skincare brands that were truly clean and effective.

AYR Skincare - Natural skincare line dedicated to offering cruelty-free, non-toxic, and healthy products for all skin types. Two of my faves from the line are the calm facial bar soap and the restore replenishing night cream.

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