The Importance Of Image: Founders Ponder Mastering Photography And Brand Aesthetics

By Alice Mroczkowski | August 24, 2018

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 16 founders and executives: How did you choose and execute your brand aesthetics and photography style?


Founder, Ayr Skin Care
There's a great deal to consider before deciding upon the photography style or overall look for the brand. It's really the first, and sometimes only, opportunity to make an impression for a customer. The main reason we chose to go for a clean white and silver packaging look was because we wanted the overall look of a clean, modern and elegant product line.

For our branding on social media, our website and printed media, we wanted our customer to see the products and have some bright colors to make our message pop, but it all has to be done in keeping with our overall image of quality, luxurious skincare. We keep our images either spa- or garden-oriented to highlight our message of self-care and the importance of the natural ingredients.

We have been happy with our choices, learned along the way, and are always open to tweaking and changing slightly with specials, seasons, etc. Always remember to maintain the integrity of our customer profile when determining our photography and overall aesthetics for the brand.

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